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I started this Livejournal some years ago, but only actually used it when I started getting into writing fanfiction.

I've been writing stories on and off since my early teens, though (thankfully) most of these stories have since been lost. The first story I can remember writing was called the Garden of Death, at the tender age of 9. Coincidentally, just after that my father went through my book collection and found and threw away an adult horror novel I'd picked up at a jumble sale. (As opposed to Confessions of a Haunted House, which was adult in ways that completely passed me by at that age.)

Ever since then, I've sporadically had the urge to write stories. For my sins, I'm an unrepentant roleplayer, which has absorbed many of these urges. (Creating worlds and characters is creating worlds and characters after all.)

Amber is my favourite, possibly because it actively encourages you to write stories about your character. (Again, thankfully, most of these have been lost to things like dead websites.) I do have one such character diary, from a youngish girl called Keri, on this LJ, and Degrees of Happiness, my original fic, is loosely based on a roleplay character.

Nike_ravus is the author who first got me writing fanfic, as opposed to just reading it, and my longest ever fic used the pairing she created. Since then, I've branched out to different fandoms, including The Good Wife and The Hunger Games.

The name of the LJ, 'The Web and the Void' comes from an imaginary multiverse I spent entirely *too* much time creating when I was a teenager. It was the name of the multiverse itself - the Web is the web of alternate realities, and the Void is infinite dimension macrostructure that the realities are embedded in.

Given I'm writing fanfic, references to alternate realities seemed fairly apposite.

Weapons of the Mind is also a reference from that mythos, but sounds better than the reality of what it was.