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Fiction Masterpost

In a vague attempt at organisation, I'm creating a collection of links to all my fiction.

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As my FemslashEx Dear Author letter may show, I've been getting into some podcasts recently-ish. Here are some of my favourites:

Possibly my favourite podcast series, this is from the viewpoint of Lia Haddock, an investigative reporter looking into the mystery of Limetown, whose over three hundred inhabitants disappeared without a trace over ten years ago. It starts off as a retrospective, but takes another turn when one of the missing inhabitants contacts her...

This is really well done, with excellent production values and a contained story that takes place over six episodes. Episodes 1 and 6, in particular, are standout. (Especially if you listen to episode 1 again after episode 6.)

Ars Paradoxica
Another well written drama, following the story of Dr Sally Grissom a twenty-first century scientist who accidentally time travels to the Eldridge, 1943 during a top secret military experiment. This series isn't anywhere close to being concluded as it follows Sally's tale over the course of years both as she tries to find out exactly what happened and the ripples that knowledge of time-travel in this period causes.

In general, the main focus of the story is the character drama, often laced with time-travel twists. Sometimes the characters stumble and fall, but always in ways that feel true to them, even as you hope they'll do better this time. One warning is that some of the voices are hard to distinguish, at least in the beginning, and there isn't a cast list, so sometimes you might not be quite sure who a given character is.

Wolf 359
Doug Eiffel is a slacker and a comms officer - in pretty much that order - aboard the Hephaestus, a station orbiting the red dwarf Wolf 359. The series very much starts as a comedy, as Doug bounces off the other occupants of the station - his uptight, do-everything-by-the-rulebook superior, Commander Minkowski, scientist with more than occasional mad tendencies, Hilbert and the passive-aggressive station AI, Hera. It slowly morphs into something else as plot (and occasionally additional crew) accumulates, but still occasionally bounces back to its zany roots.

Although not nearly as focussed an experience as either of the first two podcasts, the energy and chemistry the actors bring to the roles makes it a very enjoyable experience. It's especially worth catching the video of the live show they did - a lot of the cast manage to look impressively like you'd imagine, and the changes in posture and body language between Eiffel and Hilbert - the same voice actor plays both - are kind of amazing.

The above three are my current favourites. Below are some others that I like.

The Bright Sessions
The focus of this podcast is a psychiatrist who specialises in people with super powers and some of her patients. Also some obligatory plot as things from the past start to affect the present.

Alice isn't Dead

A woman takes a job as a trucker and travels across America in search of supposedly deceased wife. Because, as the title tells you, Alice isn't dead. On the way, she encounters weirdness and horror and maybe occasionally some answers.

This is a well done performance by an actress I recognise, but for some reason it didn't grab me quite as much as my favourite three. I think at the end of the day, I get on better with podcasts that have multiple voice actors.

Within the Wires
This starts off as a series of creepy and weird self-help tapes at an unnamed Institute, and slowly plot starts to infect the tapes, telling a story. Again very well done, but likewise suffering from the problem of only one voice actor.

Given my particular biases, I feel I should also mention that Ars Paradoxica, Alice isn't Dead and Within the Wires all have canonical queer female content, and The Bright Sessions has queer male content.

Five Bullets

Title: Five Bullets
Author: Tamoline
Rating: Teen
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Root/Shaw

Summary: Five bullets left and more than five hostiles incoming.

Yet another day in the life of Sameen Shaw

Thoughts on the subject of the story (Serious spoilers included)Collapse )


Title: Serendipity
Author: Tamoline
Rating: R
Fandom: Dune
Pairing: Irulan/Chani

For [personal profile] damkianna 


Duke Leto survives his arrival on Arrakis, allies with the Fremen and forces a compromise with the Padishah Emperor.

Five years later, Irulan - still unmarried - is summoned from her near exile on Dune as Imperial Observer to testify before the High Council of the Landsraad. Naturally, not all is as it seems.

But the actions of the right woman in the right place at the right time can make all the difference.

Here on AO3

Author's Note: This is a fairly different story to most I write. I have a strong tendency to construct the main characters then let them go, concentrating on the relationship between them. For a number of reasons, that wouldn't work for this fic. The main one was that I wanted to focus on Irulan's world, and that required looking at the political situation that's never really looked at in Dune. Which meant - unless I wanted to focus on her father, and I didn't - original characters dominating a lot of the plot and a lot of the interactions. On the one hand, this is fairly new territory for me in fic writing. On the other, it really isn't when I'm running roleplaying games. So that's the approach I settled on - I thought of this as a political scenario that Irulan and Chani - PCs extraordinaire - stumble into and have to react to. I'm not quite sure how well it worked, but I don't think it went entirely badly even if it might need some polish.

So this is my 25.5K political fic with some focus on the (changing) relationship between Chani and Irulan, but more on the hole they find themselves in, and how they try and dig themselves out of it.

AKA Plastic Hearts and Paper Flowers

Title: AKA Plastic Hearts and Paper Flowers
Author: Tamoline
Rating: R
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Pairing: Trish/Jessica

Five times Trish Walker and Jessica Jones had sex, and one time they didn't.

Trish and Jessica have known each other a long time.

Author's Note:
Really, not nearly as much smut as the summary makes it sound. Also, warning for rough sex.

I may possibly have taken some time off from writing my Yuletide treat thingy - currently at over 17K - to do this, because inspiration. Apparently It's the in thing at the moment, because I'm hovering at 99 kudos after less than twelve hours.

Found here on AO3.

Con Report

We got back from our annual visit to the States about a week and a half ago. This year was a lot lower energy than most of our visits, due to Louisa's persistent migraine - we didn't hire a car, and only did two things outside the con itself apart from resting and recovering, having a meal with friends and attending another friends' marriage vow renewal. The good news is that Louisa is finally feeling a little better - she made it to all but one game, and last week she made it into work for the first time in about six months, albeit only for two days. (Coming down with a nasty cold from our trip not helping with that, admittedly.)

Breakdown of the games, for those who are interestedCollapse )

Looking forward to Ambercon NW

We're heading off to the States in about a week for our annual pilgrimage to Portland, Oregon and Ambercon NW. Louisa's unfortunately still feeling under the weather - she hasn't really able to go to work for over six months due to crippling head pains, which the NHS, bless their cotton socks, have been fairly crap about actually handling - but we're hoping that she'll have the energy to enjoy this. And we've given ourselves almost a week to rest up before the main event, so.

We're looking forward to one game in particular - Louisa and I are playing divorced wives, sharing a daughter. And by daughter, we mean 'entity we created to try and fix the universe, failed, adopted her anyway, but is still quite capable of warping reality and melting our brains'. And she's a teenager, where I'm the disciplinarian parent who has custody and Louisa's the 'cool' one who flits in whenever she feels like it. Adding fun is the fact that I've moved on and we've managed to persuade one of the other players, who we get on with, to play my new girlfriend. Louisa... hasn't moved on so much.

I await to see how my daughter (played by a wonderful GM) reacts to all this with anticipation. I have no doubt the mess we're going to create will be *glorious*.

(Oh yeah, and there's something about how we're going to try and fix the universe properly this time, but p'shaw. That's just *metaphysics*.)

FemslashEx fic

I may have not written *much* fic this year, but FemslashEx prompted me to at least write a little. And by a little, I mean ultimately five stories. (One of which I really should have posted already.)

I Dream a Little Dream of You (Marvel 616, Emma Frost/Jean Grey was my assignment. It focusses on Jean in the Morrison era, starting shortly after Emma joins the faculty and Jean's powers are on the rise. And with the increase in powers comes certain... side effects.

My assignment and I didn't actually match on Marvel 616 - I'm generally not enough of a comics fan to feel comfortable offering it up - but I actually read the particular period they were interested in several years back, when I was prepping for my first real fanfic. So blast from the past there. Also I could resist the opportunity to write about telepathy and the murky boundary between dream and reality. It's a personal failing.

Sum Over Histories (5 universes that were just simulations, 1 universe that wasn't) (Person of Interest, The Machine/Root, Root/Shaw, The Machine/Root/Shaw This can very much be read as a love note from The Machine to Root - five simulated universes - not all entirely serious - where that love takes different forms, and the real world where... Well, read it and see.

This was something that I probably should have posted here a while back. It was intended for [personal profile] netgirl_y2k  , but then I read her likes/dislikes closer and saw that she didn't want character death, which... Let's just say that there's a certain amount of character death. Of course, after thanking her for the inspiration to actually get off my arse and write more Person of Interest fic after a year, it turned out that she didn't mind well written character death so much, especially in the Person of Interest fandom, so yay?

Dragon Tales (Original, Female Dragon/Female Knight Yes, gasp, original fic, something I haven't done in... far too long, really. The narrator is very much of the smart, snarky, cynical draconic variety (with bonus shapeshifting) who first recruits the knight sent to slay her, and then kind of gets dragged along behind her to a certain extent.

This was actually quite a bit of fun to write, and Louisa has asked that I write something more in this universe, featuring one of the side characters who gets mentioned, but never quite manages to make it on screen. (Verity for those of you who read it - the princess who ran away from home to conquer countries in blood and fire. Why should men have all the fun?)

Uncertainty (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarah Connor/Catherine Weaver where Sarah and Catherine have an ambiguous relationship, never quite certain whether the next time will be the time the monster tries to kill the other.

I do have a certain love for partners that the viewpoint character just doesn't quite get - possibly can't quite get. (Frex Exploration with Grace and Ghost Bird.) And this story is definitely that. And, given the hits to kudos ratio, I'd have to guess that I'm not the only one.

And my gift: The Plan (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz)

This year, I was blessed by another wonderful Brooklyn Nine-Nine fic. The author not only manages to get the characterisation of Amy and Rosa down, but drags in the rest of the cast into the fun as well, with lines you can almost hear them saying.